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Days Left Til Christmas

Open the Magic of Christmas with a Card from Santa!

Nothing says Christmas quite like the wide-eyed wonder of a child during the holiday season. Can you imagine the joy a child feels upon receiving a special letter from Santa himself at the North Pole?

At Cards from Santa, we do exactly that. Our beautifully designed, tri-fold cards are personalized for each child with a message from Santa and a fun, easy activity such as a picture to color, connect-the-dots, mazes, and word searches. Every card is unique in its design, personal message from Santa, and activities.

Read our heart-warming testimonials to see what our customers are saying, then experience the magic for yourself by placing an order online.

Merry Christmas! We are excited about the opportunity to help Santa send his personalized Christmas Cards to children all around the USA. Each card is filled with activities and a special greeting from Santa himself! We love hearing about the joy and excitement these children experience when opening their cards. Happy Holidays to all!